Kettering Concerts

Kettering Concerts

Kettering Concert 2021-05-16

Hartz Trio
Alexandra Békés (Cello), Natalya Bing (Violin), Dianne Legg (Piano)

Piano Trios

Hartz  Trio


  • Dolcissimo Uscignolo – Paul Stanhope (1969 -)
  • Piano Trio No. 1 in B major, Op. 8 – Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
Sunday 16 May 2021, 3pm
Kettering Community Hall
SOLD OUT Tickets for 12 noon available. $15 plus small transaction fee

Alexandra Békés

Alexandra Békés Alexandra Békés (née Legg) is a professional cellist and teacher currently living in Hobart. She completed her Bachelor of Music with first class honours in 2019, studying with TSO principal cellist Sue-Ellen Paulsen. During her studies she was awarded the D&MV McDonald Scholarship, which allowed her to study with Raphael Wallfisch, Rebecca Gilliver and Alexander Chaushian in London. In 2020 she continued her performance studies with Trish Dean at Griffith University in Queensland. Alex performs with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and has previously performed with the Australian Youth Orchestra and the Australian International Symphony Orchestra Institute. This year Alex will be performing regularly in and around Tasmania, and is privileged to be able to continue working under the guidance of Tasmanian and Australian cello icon, Christian Wojtowicz. In her spare time Alex thoroughly enjoys hiking around Tasmania, playing squash with her husband Jono and hanging out with her St Bernard dogs.

Natalya Bing

Natalya Bing Natalya Bing is a classically-trained violinist based in Hobart. She recently completed her Masters of Music at the University of Tasmania with the research topic "Finding the Lost Art: Methods and use of improvisation on the violin in Western classical music and it's importance for revival in our current musical environment". She has collaborated with many Australian and international musicians and artists in styles ranging from electronic to mathcore and jazz. She performs with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and has also performed with notable artists such as Costume (Dark Mofo 2019), Olafúr Arnalds (Sydney Opera House 2016) and Bruce Springsteen (Brisbane 2014). Her hobbies include bushwalking, surfing, reading and painting. She volunteers weekly for community run charity; Short of A Sheet, supporting people experiencing homelessness in Hobart. 

Dianne Legg

Dianne Legg Hobart pianist Dianne Legg began music studies in Tamworth playing pipe organ in local church services and violin with the Tamworth Youth Orchestra before completing a Bachelor of Music through the Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music, studying piano with Graeme Buchanon and Beryl Sedivka. She is a professional pianist/accompanist working for St. Michael’s Collegiate and throughout the Hobart community, performing with local artists, Chris Kimber, Sue-Ellen Paulsen and David Nuttall and for musical festivals: AISOI, Festival of Voices The Melbourne Opera Co. and Hip Pocket Opera. She has performed regularly with the Hartz and Argos piano trios in Tasmania, and operates a dynamic piano teaching practice within the Hutchins school, St. Michael’s Collegiate and from her Snug teaching studio.

Botaniko Artist Group – Artist

Artist Group Botaniko Botaniko (Esperanto for botanical) is a small group of dedicated botanical artists, many of whom were past students of one of Australia's leading botanical artists, Lauren Black. The group formed independently in 2014 meeting to paint together on a weekly basis. In 2015, the group formally adopted the name Botaniko. Botaniko's first exhibition (Dec 2014 - Mar 2015), was held in the Asylum, at Port Arthur Historic site, depicting some of the plants introduced into the gardens in the mid 1800's. Since then, by invitation, Botaniko has collaborated towards yearly themed exhibitions based on gardens of historical significance in Southern Tasmania. Today's exhibition is a selection of works from the 2020-21 exhibition, Discovering the Flora of Wind Song. In November 2017, Botaniko accompanied botanists from the Tasmanian Herbarium on their inaugural Expedition of Discovery at Wind Song, a 220 hectare former farming property at Little Swanport on Tasmania’s East Coast. The Herbarium observed and documented well known and novel plants on the property - a total of 190 species of vascular plants and 170 lichens were documented which included the discovery of several lichen species new to science. One, Rinodina teniswoodiorum, was named in honour of the property owners, Tom and Jane Teniswood.
In February 2019 a 42 hectare parcel of Wind Song was gifted to the traditional owners through the Aboriginal Land Council of Tasmania. Members of Botaniko were invited to paint plants found on that particular parcel of land. The statements accompanying most of the artwork included the significance of the plant to the traditional owners. The works were exhibited at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG), in Hobart, and subsequently at the Village Gallery, Triabunna. It will be exhibited at the Art Lounge, West Winds (Woodbridge) from Aug 23, until Sept 12.

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